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Helping career professionals achieve peace, freedom and joy in their life and career.

You’re accomplished but something is missing.

You’ve earned respect, admiration, and made a big impact.  You have a lucrative income.  Slowing down or stepping back isn’t in your plans.  But your mental and emotional well-being have struggled.  You are burned out.  The stress and imposter syndrome is too much.  The impact of the past still lingers.

You desperately want to:

  • Let go of any childhood traumas and the past’s hold on you
  • Establish boundaries that reflect who you are
  • Decrease stress and burnout
  • Overcome imposter syndrome and feel proud of how you show up at work and in your life
  • Live your values and work on goals that align with what you truly want
  • Feel confident that you can handle whatever comes your way
  • Have more peace, freedom and joy

So much more is possible.

Let me help you enjoy your life more fully and become the career powerhouse you know you can be.

In therapy, we will explore your experiences and any obstacles in your way. We will work to disrupt any patterns, beliefs or emotions that have hindered your progress. You will acquire transformative tools and strategies to navigate your career with courage and authenticity, all while still having a deeply fulfilling personal life.

When we work together, you can expect a collaborative, direct, and supportive environment where trauma-informed therapeutic and holistic practices inform the work we do. Our time together will be your weekly time to really focus on you.

Want a safe space to reflect, go deep and grow?

Virtually serving ALL of Maryland
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